Preventative Dental Care for Children and Why It Matters

According to the Center for Disease Control, about 40 percent of children will suffer from tooth decay by the time they hit Kindergarten. Along with being one of the most common chronic diseases among children in the U.S., it’s also one of the most preventable. As soon as a child’s first tooth appears, they’re able to have a check up at the dentist. Simple preventative care will help stop cavities, offer knowledge to parents, and give the child an introduction to oral health and all that it entails. In addition to early check-ups for children, it’s important to implement good oral health habits while they’re young. The best way to get your little one to brush nightly is to make it fun! A few simple ideas can change the way your children look at brushing, and make the whole process easy and enjoyable. Here are a few clever ideas to get you started.
Make Up a Song
Sometimes all it takes to make toothbrush time interesting is a song. Come up with a song that your child can sing along to and get them in the mood for something fun. They may enjoy singing along with you so much that they’ll want to hear it even when it’s not time to brush their teeth. This gives them a bit of control over their oral health. Whenever they want to sing the song, it’s their idea to brush. You can make up a song yourself, or look online for some catchy tunes that you and your child can sing together like this one below.
Give Them Fun Toothbrush Options
These days, there are so many options for cool toothbrushes you can treat them like toys for your kids. Find toothbrushes featuring their favorite characters or cartoons, and have a variety of them that they can choose from. Giving them options, much like singing, gives them a bit of control over the situation, making them more likely to enjoy the process. Ask them which toothbrush they want to use, let them pick it out and make it a fun little activity for them. Kids will usually get attached to one particular brush for a while which makes buying new ones for them a nice treat.
Brush Teeth Together
The best part about brushing is that it’s a routine that can be shared in a positive way. Toddlers and small children love mimicking the grown up things you do; so sometimes simply brushing with them is enough to get them in the mood. Explaining that it’s what “big kids” and adults do gives them some incentive. You can even make it a game, instructing them to pretend like they’re a mirror while you brush your own teeth. A little challenge and a lot of patience can make brushing together a fun and exciting part of the day.
It’s important to always be gentle and patient with your little ones when dealing with brushing. The way you handle the situation can affect their attitude towards oral health for years to come, so taking it seriously and implementing fun methods is your best bet. As with anything, some children may be frightened or uncomfortable with brushing, in which case a trip to the dentist for some advice and inspiration may be a good idea. Once you have a good, solid routine in place, brushing with your child can be memorable, enjoyable and will give them the gift of a confident smile for years to come!

39 Tips and Alternative Uses for Everyday Dental Hygiene Items #LifeHack


Life Hacks – The Dental Edition!

Life HacksToday we’re sharing our office’s best tips, tricks and secrets to making difficult tasks easy and fixes for the most annoying problems. Get ready to have your mind blown because ALL of these use dental related items!

Denture Tabs

Did you know they can also be used to help clean common household items? Here are six alternative uses for denture cleanser tablets:Denture Tabs

  1. Put them in with a diamond to spruce up that sparkle
  2. Remove mineral deposits from glass
  3. Pop a denture tablet into your coffee pot, run the water through and then rinse. Cleans up stains in a snap! BONUS: also great at removing coffee and tea stains in mugs
  4. Toss a tab in to a full toilet or bathtub and watch the grime dissipate
  5. Use to clean enamel based cookware
  6. Great for unclogging drains

Dental Floss

Be sure to use the dental floss that is flavorless, otherwise you are going to have some unsatisfactory results for some of these hacks.

  1. When your shoelace breaks and you need a fix in a pinch— lace up with floss until you can get a replacement!
  2. Got long hair? When your ponytail’s elastic band snaps off, wrap some floss to create a new hair tie
  3. Sentimental pictures stuck to your scrapbook page? Or cookies stuck to the baking sheet?  Wiggle some floss gently in between to release
  4. Slice clean pieces of bread, cheese or cakes by holding the floss taunt and gliding down the soft item you are wanting to “cut”
  5. Are you travelling and you need to “lock” you luggage? Wind some floss through the zippers to secure
  6. Create a makeshift clothes line out of floss
  7. Use as string for crafts and jewelry making
  8. Leaky faucet? Tie floss around the spout and let the rest hang into the drain to eliminate the dripping sound


The miracle worker!Toothpaste

  1. Remove scratches from DVD’s and CD’s by applying a little white toothpaste and gently rubbing over the surface
  2. Ring Around the Collar: take some toothpaste on a toothbrush (double dental life hack!) and scrub in a circular motion over the stain before normal washing
  3. Got Kids? Do they have crayons? Use toothpaste as an abrasive to scrub the crayon right off the walls
  4. Scuffs happen. Shoes, furniture, other surface areas, etc.  Put some toothpaste on a toothbrush and scrub away to watch the scuffs vanish
  5. Did someone forget to use a coaster? Rub toothpaste over the ring and wipe clean with a damp cloth
  6. Use as a deodorizer for baby bottles. Remember to rinse thoroughly after soaking!
  7. Rub toothpaste over mirrors, glass, and water goggles then wipe clean to create a fog deterrent
  8. Make your sink and faucets shine by polishing with toothpaste!
  9. Ink and lipstick stains are no longer a problem with the help of toothpaste
  10. Helps remedy stubborn pimples: dab a little toothpaste on the problem area before bed and wash your face in the morning.
  11. Foul scents lingering? Wipe some toothpaste over the area and rinse thoroughly
  12. Remove carpet stains by using the paste with a scrubber


Mouthwash can help out with more than just bacteria in your mouth and odorous breath!

  1. Use mouthwash as an antiseptic replacement when you run out
  2. “That’s going to leave a bruise!” Heal up faster by rubbing it with some mouthwash on a cotton ball
  3. Poison ivy itches! Smooth over the affected area and discard the used cotton ball to avoid cross contamination
  4. Hand sanitizer substitute!
  5. Did you forget deodorant? Swipe a little mouthwash to remove “ripeness”
  6. Great as a disinfectant
  7. Soak nails and toes in mouthwash to help with fungus and athletes foot
  8. Also works as a great for helping to soften and soothe feet
  9. Can be used as a temporary face astringent
  10. Soak smelly containers in mouthwash and rinse. Say goodbye to stink!


Toothbrushes make excellent cleaning tools and are great scrubbers. Here’s a few of our favorites uses!Toothbrush

  1. If you need to touch up your roots, use a toothbrush to assist in the hair dying process
  2. Works wonders as an exfoliater
  3. Nail brush – work out the dirt under your nails gently

If you carry little travel sizes of mouthwash, a toothbrush, white toothpaste and some denture tabs, you are fit to solve almost any spill, scuff or stain! These items are great to always have on hand.  Next time one of these problems tries to kick you when you’re down, remember these dental life hacks!  Give them a try and let us know how well their magic works for you!

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